陳建松pic       In 2015, IAVE Taiwan has accomplished many projects. The hard work done by our secretariat and the non-stop strategic planning and implementation of different international events have elevated the efforts of IAVE Taiwan to a higher level. On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Secretary General, Debbie Huang, for her outstanding leadership and the full support of fellow colleagues. 2015 is a year that marked the start of recognizing social enterprises in Taiwan. Following our vision, “Volunteering Taiwan, Connect with the World”, we act as an international volunteer service platform to help students in Taiwan to have overseas volunteering experience and promoting interactions with  students from other countries as well as Mainland China. We also held International Symposium and Workshop on Social Enterprise, 360° Innovative Proposal Competition to extend volunteering to social enterprising. IAVE Taiwan has won wide recognition and full support from the Ministry of Education, Mainland Affairs Council, and Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor. These all impelled Taiwan to become a more sustainable environment for social enterprises and volunteerism.

Well known international speakers, Jeff Hoffman and Dr. Ken Allen, came to Taiwan to promote a new collaboration between NGOs and enterprises. Especially Dr. Ken Allen’s book, “The Big Tent: Corporate Volunteering in the Global Age”, is used as a guide for international companies to develop volunteering culture, knowledge, and strategic implementation. IAVE Taiwan has helped to translate the book into Chinese and hold relevant seminars to introduce the book both in Taipei and Taichung last year, which stimulates the promotion of corporate volunteering in Chinese societies.

Change comes not because of how great a single person can achieve, but how a group of people can achieve a small thing in unity. There are already many companies in Taiwan affecting the society by their actions.  As mentioned in the book, “How to Change the World”, social entrepreneurs aim to solve problems in the society. They bring new hope with passion and creativity when the traditional system is no longer helpful.

2016 is a year to take action. The book, “The Big Tent: Corporate Volunteering in the Global Age”, is published to gain more attention in Taiwan for volunteering and we hope that more enterprises devoted to volunteering can be seen and recognized. Good deeds should no longer be done in secret! Great enterprises in Taiwan should bravely stand up and show their efforts to the world.  Hopefully in the near future, these enterprises can be united to form a platform and even collect good examples and experiences for publishing a book. Let us make a global impact with the “kindness” developed in enterprises and show the world our love and what Taiwan can achieve.